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3. 12. 2019

Christmass PARTY

The end of the year is coming, the last  surfcamp on Bali has been successfully over, so we have to recap the surf season together.

Do you know what is great for the surf season? That it is all year round :)) so we look forward 12.12.2019 in the cafe bar FREERIDE.cz on Letná that you tell us where to go with us in the new year.

In addition to drinks and fun, we have a surprise for you in the form of a new MERCH collection, so …. do you already know what to give to loved ones under the tree?

surf and travel sipka
28. 09. 2019


For February 2020 we have prepared a special yoga camp connected with surfing and traveling along the southern coast of Sri Lanka. The accommodation is in an oasis of peace with a large garden and a yoga shala, only 5 min from the surf beach. You can choose from two available dates 1. – 8.2.2020 and 8. – 15.2.2020, you can find more information HERE.

Throughout your stay you will be attended by a professional yoga trainer, who is already inherently surfing, her stretching exercises help a lot before and after surfing and they are part of every preparation before going into the water.

Hot water, long beaches, palm trees, coconuts, fresh fish and great waves, what do you want more?

surf and travel sipka
22. 08. 2019


Surfing in Ericeira, Portugal is top even in the fall! Take advantage of the surf & stay packages in the Czech surfhouse My powderwave.

Ericeira is one of the legendary surf destinations, extend your summer and go surf!

surf and travel sipka
31. 07. 2019


Extend your summer and head to Fuerteventura, Canary Island with us! You will be personally looked after by the coaches of the Cool Wave surf show from PrimaCool, there are beautiful beaches with golden-white sand, clear turquoise sea and still summer weather!

What more you want in September?

surf and travel sipka
30. 07. 2019


We have a new surf poncho for you, this time not only for adults, but also for small surfers! They are suitable for the beach and the pool, warm up and perfectly serve for changing into neoprene by the ocean. They have excellent absorbency and are well stocked so they can fit in hand luggage 🙂

Order at our eshop, you can also choose from two colors! So which, MINT or PINK?

surf and travel sipka
17. 05. 2019


Good surfers are coming back, but also beginners, which is still more and more, are going with us this year in the north of Spain, to paradise, which is called Asturias. Northen Spain region, which has not been kissed by mass tourism yet, where the beach looks like from an advertising for paradise and you can trek to the beautiful mountains of Picos de Europa.

We look forward to! What about you? 🙂

surf and travel sipka
4. 03. 2019


Come with us to surf and travel around Nicoya peninsula. Many beautiful beaches volcanos around. And how about ticos fiesta?!

surf and travel sipka
14. 12. 2018

Surf and yoga on Sri Lanka

We prepared special surf and yoga stay on south coast of Sri Lanka. Kristina is a great and experienced yoga teacher. Let her take you into the spiritual world

surf and travel sipka
21. 10. 2018

Airtickets to Morocco for just 80EUR

Go to EasyJet.com and buy super cheap tickets to Agadir for just 80EUR

surf and travel sipka