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vlna surf and travel cechy portugalsko sri lanka

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Basic information:

Trip price:from 325 EUR / one week
Transportation:van, plane
Visited destinations:Canary Islands - Spain
Accommodation::surf vila
Insurance:not included
complementary activities:trips to volcanos, skateboarding, bbq, yoga
vlna surf and travel cechy portugalsko sri lanka

Fuerteventura has the most beautiful beaches from all Canary Islands and north shore is named after Hawaiian North shore because of many surf spots and great waves. Sunshine all year round!

surf and travel
vlna surf and travel portugalsko sri lanka
vlna surf and travel cechy portugalsko sri lanka


Fuerteventura, it means the most beautiful beaches with golden-white sand washed by the clear turquoise sea. Due to its shape and location near the Sahara, this volcanic island is the only one of the seven Canary Islands to have white sandy beaches. Temperatures do not drop below 23 ° C even in winter and sunny weather prevails all year round.




10.5. – 17.5.2020

17.5. – 24.5.2020

Accommodation for 7 nights

5x surf lessons from local Blue Wave Surf School instructors

Regular videocoaching

Photos and videos from the whole camp

5x fruit snacks on the beach

Move by car on site for surfing

Spa fee and final cleaning

Insurance TA against bankruptcy

Accompanying program (BBQ and tasting of local specialties)

Rental of surfing equipment including neoprene during the course

Assistance of Czech organizers throughout the camp

Blue Wave T-shirt

15% discount on SLIDE surfskate on our e-shop

surf and travel
vlna surf and travel cechy portugalsko sri lanka


Surf courses based on the second largest of the Canary Islands are designed for both – beginners and advanced surfers – who want to explore new beaches and wave types, different from the familiar spots on the French Atlantic coast. Both groups will be devoted to Petr and Katka Havlik, who you know from the surf reality show Cool Wave on Prima Cool. They both live and surf the Canaries for over 10 years. The quality of teaching is supported by regular video caching, theory, surfing video projection and, of course, traveling to interesting places on the island. Lessons take place on beginners’ longboard and minimalibos surfboards, on one of the beaches Entubadura, El Morro, Playa Blanca, El Cotillo or Esquinzo. The choice of the beach always depends on the current conditions. Unlike other spots in Fuerteventura, these beaches have a sandy bottom and in most cases offer suitable conditions for the first wave attempts. Advanced riders can try one of the beaches of El Hierro, Punta Blanca, Glass Beach or Rocky Point, where the bottom is covered with coral reefs or lava rocks.

surf and travel
vlna surf and travel cechy portugalsko sri lanka


Cheapest flights to Fuerteventura are offered by low cost airlines (see below in DETAILS). You can also find a comparison of flights at www.skyscanner.cz.

We will be happy to help you with the cheapest flights. Do not forget to let us know your arrival and departure time in time at crew@surfandtravel.cz!

You can get to Fuerteventura most conveniently from Prague by direct flight from Prague with Canaria Travel, CSA or SmartWings, always on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. The price of a return ticket is 8.400 CZK. New flights from Brno are also available every Monday!

Due to new airport arrangements in Fuerteventura, we cannot pick you up by car. But do not worry, the way from the airport is quite simple – it is possible to take the bus (about 30 min): – first take the line number 3 to Puerta Rosaria here you change to line number 6 and get off at the roundabout Corraleju is 300m from surfhus. Bus costs 7EUR! Are you thinking about renting a car? We recommend the following companies that are proven and charge no more: cicar.com, payless.com and autoreisen.es

vlna surf and travel cechy portugalsko sri lanka


The climate of the island is balanced without great fluctuations and extremes. So you don’t have to worry about the heat of the winter or the winter, the island is worth visiting all year round. Already by the name Fuerteventura (from the Spanish strong wind), the island often blows, so it is one of the favorite destinations of kite and wind surfers. Even in these days, however, surfers have a chance to find waves undisturbed by the wind. At least one part of the island is always leeward. . Northwest winds are constantly blowing here, which cool the air, so the average annual temperature varies between 19 – 24 ° C. The east coast, where the wind brings sand from nearby Sahara, is mostly desert and the climate in these parts extra dry.
In the fall, Fuerteventura becomes a paradise for surfers, because then there are the biggest waves. Advanced riders should wear rubber boots in the water to protect them from sharp corals. An essential part of the equipment is a quality sunscreen with a high factor. Bad weather is almost never to worry – the sky is swept up to 2,800 hours a year, making Fuerteventura one of the sunniest places in Europe ever.
surf and travel
vlna surf and travel cechy portugalsko sri lanka




You can travel to Fuerteventura with one of the low cost airlines www.easyjet.com, www.airberlin.com, www.condor.com and www.ryanair.com, or in combination with www.wizzair.com. Return tickets from Germany will cost CZK 2500 depending on the date of travel.


1. Departure from Frankfurt with www.ryanair.com – Every Tuesday and Thursday a direct flight from Fuerteventura to Frankfurt – Hahn (HHM). The price of the return ticket is about 200 EUR. You can get to Frankfurt comfortably and cheaply by direct bus STUDENT AGENCY (price about 1700 CZK return) and from there it is still 100km bus to Frankfurt-Hahn airport (price 13 Eur).

2. Departure from Prague with www.easyjet.com – the disadvantage is the night at the airport, the advantage is good price, possible itinerary is for example Prague – London Gatwick, London Gatwick – Fuerteventura and return then Fuerteventura – London Gatwick, London Gatwick – Prague. Early booking can cost you 6000 CZK.

surf and travel
vlna surf and travel cechy portugalsko sri lanka


Společně s pojišťovnou Union nabízíme cestovní pojištění SPORT zahrnující léčebné výlohy
v zahraničí při aktivních sportech a nově také PANDEMIC, které přináší úhradu nákladů vzniklých v zahraničí v souvislosti s onemocněním COVID-19.  Více informací a ceny najdete na tomto odkazu: PDF

Máte-li zájem o pojištění, v přihlášce dejte do poznámky CHCI POJIŠTĚNÍ a připište datum narození, národnost, typ pojištění, a zda-li chcete také připojištění na sport či nikoliv.


surf and travel
vlna surf and travel cechy portugalsko sri lanka


Storno podmínky při onemocnění covidem – při doložení pozitivního testu, potvrzení o karanténě nebo při uzavřených hranicích, vám vrátíme 100% ceny ve formě voucheru nebo 90% zaplacené částky ihned zpět.

Přesto doporučujeme pojištění Pandemic od Union, které vám kryje nejen celý zájezd, ale také cenu letenek. Pojištění můžete sjednat s námi (viz záložka pojištění).

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vlna surf and travel cechy portugalsko sri lanka


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