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16. 03. 2023


Can I participate in the surfcamp if I go alone?
Certainly yes, you won’t be the only one, many participants go single and some even go double 🙂 We always connect you all before the trip, so you can travel together and there is a common program in place. We will put you in a room with other individuals or smaller groups, so you really don’t have to be afraid to go out alone.

I have never surfed, can I still participate?
All our surfcamps are designed for complete beginners as well as more advanced surfers. However, the vast majority are complete beginners like you, so don’t worry, you won’t be alone.

Who will I live with if I am not traveling in a larger group?
We always try to divide participants into boys’ and girls’ rooms, if you want your own room, you have to pay the difference for an unoccupied bed.

Is the surfcamp program mandatory and do I have to participate in everything?
The whole program is optional, so if you feel tired or just want to chill, let us know, put your feet up in a hammock or relax on the beach. Do you have a holiday:)

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