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vlna surf and travel cechy portugalsko sri lanka

APRIL 2023


Basic information:

Trip price:1160 EUR for 11 days
Instructors:Aleš Tůma
Transportation:own transport
Visited destinations:Costa Rica
Surf equipment:Included surfboard, leash, waxes. Designed for beginners and advanced surfers alike.
Accommodation::surfhouse with swimming pool
Insurance:not included
complementary activities:trips, BBQ, party, zip line in the forest, swimming in waterfalls

Available dates:

04. 04. 2024   -   14. 04. 2024 book
14. 04. 2024   -   24. 04. 2024 book
vlna surf and travel cechy portugalsko sri lanka

Those who have tried surfing only in a swimsuit will know the natural feeling that can only be experienced in the southern hemisphere. That is why Costa Rica is one of the best places in the world.

surf and travel
vlna surf and travel cechy portugalsko sri lanka


The surfcamp takes place in the town of Tamarindo, which currently has two thousand inhabitants. It is located right on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica on the Nicoya Peninsula, a four-hour drive from the capital San José. In the vicinity there are many surf spots with different bottom (cliff, stone, sand), quality and wave type. Tamarindo is one of the most dynamically developing areas in Costa Rica, renowned for its nightlife, restaurants and good service levels. Tamarinda’s main beach hosts one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world every night, which decades ago touched the creator of the documentary Endless Summer to such an extent that in their cult blockbuster they gave him one long and incredibly cheesy shot.



Accommodation in a surf villa with swimming pool, right on the beach
9x surf lessons
Surf equipment rental
Transfers to or from the airport (only joint arrival and departure)
Trips around and gastronomic experiences
Day trip to volcano and national park
Videocoaching, analysis and photoshooting
Surf theoretical lecture including rules and functioning of ocean
Your surf photos and videos from the entire stay
Price includes insurance TA against bankruptcy.

15% discount on SLIDE surfskate on our e-shop

Benefit Plus points can be applied to this surfcamp

PURA VIDA ve dvoulůžkovém pokoji s vlastní koupelnou 29990 EUR

10x ubytování ve dvoulůžkovém pokoji s vlastní koupelnou a balkonem s výhledem na oceán, v nejlepší české surfové vile s bazénem přímo na pláži
7x surfové lekce
Zapůjčení surfového vybavení po celou dobu pobytu i mimo lekce
Dopravu z letiště nebo na letiště (pouze společný přílet a odlet  letiště Libéria)
Výlety po okolí a gastronomické zážitky
Celodenní výlet na sopku a národního parku
Video výuka, analýza a photoshooting
Surfová teoretická přednáška včetně pravidel a fungování oceánu
Vaše surfové fotky a videa z celého pobytu

Cena zahrnuje pojištění CK proti úpadku.

Na tento surfkemp lze uplatnit slevu pro opakované účastníky našich surfkempů a body Benefit Plus


Regular yoga with a local instructor will also be part of the stay. Yoga is an integral part of surfing, it helps with stretching before and mainly after surfing, to relax muscles and the whole body.

surf and travel
vlna surf and travel cechy portugalsko sri lanka



Camp participants will be accommodated in a luxury hotel with a swimming pool in double rooms. The hotel features wifi internet access and an outdoor pool with sun loungers. The entire resort will be just for us so the pool parties and BBQ will be no shortage 🙂

surf and travel
surf and travel
vlna surf and travel cechy portugalsko sri lanka


The cheapest connection is from Munich to Liberia, which is only an hour’s drive from Tamarinda, where we will stay. The return ticket costs 15990CZK and there is only 1 transfer. Since we have to fly together for transport from the airport to Tamarinda, please let us know in advance to have the same flight on ales@surfandtravel.cz. At the airport we will have an air-conditioned bus that will take us to the destination and at the end back to the airport. Due to transit through the US, you need to fill in the ESTA online transit visa, which costs 14USD, here is a link to VISA

vlna surf and travel cechy portugalsko sri lanka


  1. 1. DEN – příjezd
    společné uvítání a seznámení se, plán surfcampu
  2. 2. DEN
    rozdělení do skupin, první surfová lekce
    videocoaching, promítání surfových výukových videí
  3. 3. DEN
    druhá surfová lekce
    videocoaching, surfová přednáška
  4. 4. DEN
  • třetí surfová lekce
  • party na pláži
  1. 5. DEN
    celodenní výlet
  2. 6. DEN
    čtvrtá surfová lekce
    večer videocoaching, společné BBQ
  3. 7. DEN
  • pátá surfová lekce
  • večer videocoaching, promítání surfových filmů
  1. 8. DEN
  • šestá surfová lekce
  • odpolední výlet na okolní pláže
  1. 9. DEN
  • sedmá surfová lekce
  • navečer videocoaching, západ slunce a party ve městě
  1. 10. DEN
  • free surfing
  • večer vyhlášení progresorů týdne, promítání fotek z celého týdne, předání cen a rozlučkový dýchánek
  1. 11. DEN
  • odjezd
surf and travel
vlna surf and travel cechy portugalsko sri lanka



In Costa Rica, basic vaccination is enough for every traveler:

Hepatitis A can be vaccinated separately with two doses with a minimum interval of 6 months, protection is long-term. Vaccination is also possible with a combination vaccine against types A and B three doses (2 before departure), protection is long-term to life.

Jaundice type B may be vaccinated alone with three doses or with a combined vaccine against types A and B with three doses. After three doses, the protection is long-term, probably life-long.

Vaccination against typhoid fever is done with one vaccine that provides protection for 3 years. Revaccination is only performed when necessary.

It is vaccinated against tetanus, the causative agent of which occurs worldwide, in the Czech Republic as part of regular vaccination. Vaccination is carried out after 10 – 15 years, in persons over 60 years after 10 years.


Do you plan to stay on your vacation for a maximum of 90 days? Then a passport to Costa Rica will suffice. However, keep in mind that the passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of your return to the Czech Republic. At Costa Rica Airport you will need to present a return ticket in addition to your passport.

As an EU citizen, you do not need to obtain a visa for Costa Rica. However, a visa-free stay for tourism purposes cannot be extended. If you want to stay in Costa Rica for more than 90 days, you will have to return to the Czech Republic for the next 90 days before flying to Costa Rica again. You can spend a total of 180 days without a visa in Costa Rica in one year.

surf and travel
vlna surf and travel cechy portugalsko sri lanka


Together with the insurance company Union, we offer SPORT travel insurance including medical expenses
abroad during active sports. More information and prices can be found at this link: PDF

If you are interested in insurance, in the application, put I WANT INSURANCE in the note and add your date of birth, nationality, type of insurance, and whether you also want additional insurance for sports or not.

surf and travel
vlna surf and travel cechy portugalsko sri lanka


Can I participate in the surfcamp if I go alone?
Certainly yes, you won’t be the only one, many participants go single and some even go double 🙂 We always connect you all before the trip, so you can travel together and there is a common program in place. We will put you in a room with other individuals or smaller groups, so you really don’t have to be afraid to go out alone.

I have never surfed, can I still participate?
All our surfcamps are designed for complete beginners as well as more advanced surfers. However, the vast majority are complete beginners like you, so don’t worry, you won’t be alone.

Who will I live with if I am not traveling in a larger group?
We always try to divide participants into boys’ and girls’ rooms, if you want your own room, you have to pay the difference for an unoccupied bed.

Is the surfcamp program mandatory and do I have to participate in everything?
The whole program is optional, so if you feel tired or just want to chill, let us know, put your feet up in a hammock or relax on the beach.  You have a holiday:)

Do I have to pay the full amount after signing up?
After confirmation of the reservation, you pay a deposit of CZK 3,900 (170E), then the rest three weeks before the trip.

surf and travel
vlna surf and travel cechy portugalsko sri lanka


surf and travel

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vlna surf and travel cechy portugalsko sri lanka


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